what a nice otp you have

it would be a shame

if one of them died.

One of the other situation was questionable…
One of the listeners wanted to camp in the same tent as Aichi and share stories and stuff….( ̄▽ ̄)

The winning situation for this week’s… ./////
*covers face*
Listener bridal/princess carries Aichi.
I’d would have passed out if they used a dummy head mic~

Omg…. The situations for Ima Aichi ikimasu….////

Mentioning KENN on TachiVan….?

Madoka Magica Imeeji where Kai-kun turns into bad end akumura and traps aichi back into the world where s1 takes place~

Part of me goes, oh nooo….
The other part wants it to happen.
And Kai-kun would do ANYTHING to make sure Aichi doesn’t go away again…
Even if he has already turned into “Messiah”

Time to go to sleep…(_•w•)_
going to learn how to use Caltrains in the morning~!
I mean… I should be okay if I was able to use the bullet train system when I went to Japan. So…yay~ nighty night~

Everytime I see more KaiAi fanart paro-ing HomuMado...
I squee…But then get worried because well…
It IS pretty much the new HomuMado.
Aichi being Madoka, (both of them pretty much turned into gods)
and with Kai being the Homura.
And I’m scared what Kai will do next…

kukurihime replied to your post:I’m really curious to what these results are…

i cant read fuzzy kanji but i think it has something to do with who you want to appear/have more screen time in the anime.

Glad Miwa got first! Everyone seems to be on the same wavelength on that! XD

And Izaki also deserves some love too. He’s the most sane out of everyone. And the most…normal, but like GOOD normal. Slice of life kinda feel too him~


Get ready for some Mexican food! Today is Taco day.


Get ready for some Mexican food! Today is Taco day.